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Recycling News YOU Can Use: “YUCKY STUFF – Food & Liquids”

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This article is written by Kerri Gale, Director of Environmental Health, Jackson County, Murphysboro, IL 

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At home or work when you are getting ready to recycle those everyday items, such cardboard, bottles, cans or jars.  Remember to trash anything with food residue.  Think before you put them in the bin.  Everyone is trying to do the right thing and recycle it all!  Applause to all of the recyclers out there, but there are some things to remember as you are putting the items in your bin. 

Cardboard – You can recycle cardboard, but cardboard with any food residue or grease is a no go! Put your greasy cardboard in the trash because that residue creates contamination in the paper recycling.  Putting this type of cardboard in the recycling process and it can cause an issue for the entire load of cardboard!

Paper towels, plates & napkins – Innocent looking paper smeared with food or
grease cannot be processed with clean paper and can ruin a newly made product
if not caught before the bale heads to the paper mill.   

Liquids – Do I need to wash my bottles, cans & jars?  No, just give your cans, bottles and jars a quick rinse, leaving residue in these items causes issues inside your recycle bin and at the recycling center.  Nobody wants a sticky recycle bin or floor. 

 NO FOOD in the recycle bin!  To start composting -visit to get

items can quickly become garbage when they carry the remnants of the food &
other contaminants that they once held. 


Recycle Clean Cardboard – Nothing with Food Residue

Recycle Clean Paper – No napkins, paper plates, paper towels or kleenex

Start Composting – No food or liquid in the recycle bin.

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